RICHARD LEWIS MORGAN was born in Petersburg, Virginia. He began his musical career as a child, and by age five could pay hymns from memory after his grandmother had played them just once on the pump organ. Largely self-taught on piano, he had his own radio show when he was ten years old. As a youth he met Duke Ellington, who encouraged his budding career. He attended Virginia State University and played in an Army combo. Dick spent decades as a leading jazz pianist. He recorded more than a dozen albums the last of which "Bewitched" was released in 2010. He performed worldwide with many top singers and musicians, including Etta Jones, Joe Williams, Tommy Dorsey, Charlie Byrd, Julian "Cannonball" Adderley and Keter Betts. In a long steady career at such nightclubs as Blues Alley, concert halls like the Kennedy Center, and private performances such as a birthday party for Frank Sinatra where 01 Blue Eyes sang along with him, Dick was a crowd-pleasing pianist who embellished a large repertoire of tunes with improvised flourishes. "I'm somebody who will immediately get immersed in the audience and get them to pay attention," he said. "I play for the audiences�I don't play for me." When he was approaching age 50, Dick returned to college on the advice of friend Bill Cosby and graduated in 1979 from the Washington program of Antioch College. In 1983 he earned a law degree from Howard University. With that accomplishment, Dick continued to do what he loved most�delight live audiences with his music.

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We regret to share with you that
Dick Morgan entered Jazz Eternal,
October 20, 2013.
He will remain an unforgettable friend.

Jon Miller

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